Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions about your library card or account?
If you have questions regarding your library account, please contact your local library. The PPLC office does not have access to your confidential record.


How do I renew my materials?
Borrowed materials will automatically renew twice, unless there is a hold on the item. If you need materials for a longer period, please contact the circulation department at your local library.


I can’t access Libby or my online library account. Is my library card expired?
Library cards expire every one to three years, depending on the type of card you have. If your card is expired, you must visit your local library in-person to renew your card and verify your current address. Please bring a valid, state issued ID that includes your current physical address with you for verification.

For other issues with accessing Libby or any of the libraries’ online services, please contact your local library.


What is my PIN?
Your PIN was issued when you first registered for a library card. If you do not know your PIN, please contact your local library. For security reasons, library staff cannot give you your current PIN, but they will be able to reset it to a PIN that you select.


I would like to see a certain book in your collection. How do I do that?
PPLC is a library cooperative, and not a system. This means that each individual library selects materials for their collection. The PPLC main office does not select materials for the cooperative as a whole.

If you have a book request, please contact your local library.


I am a vendor and I have a product that might interest the libraries. Who do I contact?
Please send your information to the email link below. We will be happy to distribute your information to the libraries and gauge their interest. If there is any interest in your product, we will be back in touch with you to request a quote.


I am a performer and I have a program that your library will love. Who do I contact?
The best course of action is to contact the individual libraries directly.  However, you may send your press kit to the email link below and we will be happy to distribute your information to PPLC’s Member Libraries. Individual libraries make their own programming decisions, so if you would like to follow up, please contact your local library. The PPLC office does not book performers for the Member Libraries.


I have an overdue item, what are the daily fees?
PPLC Member Libraries have been Fine Free since October 1, 2021. However, some specialty items at East Lake Community Library and Palm Harbor Library are not fine free.


If your question was still not answered, please contact the PPLC office at: