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For questions about bids contact, PPLC Director Cheryl Morales at cmorales@pplc.us.

Request for Proposal Library Delivery Services 

PPLC Courier RFP Questions and Answers updated 12.20.21

Some of the locations have the same delivery address (St Petersburg Public Library). Should we go off the location on the website as the actual delivery locations?

The St. Petersburg Library System (SPLS) has 7 branch locations, while the Clearwater Public Library System (CPLS) has 5 branch locations. All other municipalities have a single public library. See here for all 25 locations including the PPLC Administrative Office (in the same building with the Pinellas Talking Book Library): Public Libraries | PPLC

You mentioned the bags and or bins are properly labelled. Can you send me a picture of what these labels look like? Are they barcoded for us to scan?

We do not currently use a barcode system, but labels with “to” and “from” are used for each bag. See labels here: Delivery Labels | PPLC Staff  TPA is used to direct items to the Tampa Hub for sorting at the end of each day.

If not, are you open to technology to enhance the delivery services? This technology comes at no extra cost but does require some work at the library locations?

We are open to change.

For the 22 locations needing this service to you have historical volume broken-down by each site?

The total number of items transited from one of the 25 locations to another was 1.42 million in FY’21.

Do you have a picture of what the STAT sheet looks like that the driver would need to initial at time of delivery?

See below signature page. It is used for delivery confirmation only.

PPLC Delivery Form

Do you have a picture of what the bins and bags look like?

See photos on this page.

For the locations being serviced two days a week is there a specific day of the week they wanted service on?

2-day service locations are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Who is the current provider doing this work? Is it UPS?

The current provider is TForce Final Mile.

What is the annual budget for this project?

Current expense is under $130,000 per year.

What currently is not working with the services that is making you go out for RFP?

PPLC piggybacked on a statewide contract that expired. PPLC was informed that a piggyback contract is no longer an option. Due to the cost of the service, all interested parties are invited to join the competitive bid process.

What currently is being done that you like and prefer that I should be made aware of?

The current process works well. We are happy to describe current process in detail upon request. All pick-ups and deliveries must be preformed during the open hours of each library. A predictable schedule is highly desired, as libraries schedule staff around the daily delivery.

For Johnson Branch, Childs Park Branch and West Branch can you explain to me what “to PBO Main” means? Would like some clarity as I do not want to make assumptions.

President Barack Obama (PBO) Main is the Main Branch of the St. Petersburg Library System.

Will we get a file the night before on expected volume for the next service day?

This is not the current practice, but the libraries would embrace any change needed to further streamline the process.

local Delivery Bins
Sample Local Delivery Bag