Minutes – Board of Directors August 31, 2022

LDAC Member Attendance:


  • Karen Roth, Chairman
  • Henry Schubert, Secretary & Treasurer
  • Lynne Faimalie
  • Brian Lowack
  • Chris Moore
  • Angela Pietras
  • Cheryl Morales, Executive Director
  • Martha Frenchek, Recording Secretary
  • Betcinda Kettells, LDAC Liaison

Not Attending:

  • Michael Jefferis, Vice Chairman
  • Michael Delk
  • Jeffrey P. Gellermann


  1. Call to Order: Karen Roth Chairman called the Board Meeting to order at 3:32 pm.
  2. Roll Call: Martha Frenchek conducted the Roll Call.
    Present: Karen Roth, Henry Schubert, Lynne Faimalie, Brian Lowack, Chris Moore, AngelaPietras (via Conference Call), Betcinda Kettells (via Conference Call) and Cheryl Morales. Aquorum was represented.
    Absent: Michael Jefferis, Michael Delk, Jeffrey P. Gellermann
    Guests: David Stoner, PPLC Technology Manager, and Whitney Harrison, PPLC Data Integrity Manager
  3. Minutes from the June 29, 2022 Board Meeting were accepted as presented.(Schubert/Faimalie).
  4. Monthly Financial Committee Report – Treasurer Henry Schubert
    1. Level Four Management Report: June/July 2022
    2. PDR Account Financial Statement: June/July 2022
      The Finance Committee discussed possibly requesting a Financial Advisor from Level 4 that would be a better fit for the organization. Roth will make contact to explore possibilities. After reviewing the Financial Reports Schubert commented that everything is on track.
  5. Correspondence: None
  6. Executive Director’s Report – Cheryl Morales
    1. Building / Admin.
      1. Building /grounds – events and plans
        1. discussed issues with area teens being unruly. One was trespassed.
        2. Review of some building maintenance projects and possible CRA partnership.
        3. Announced that the budgeted server will not be needed, and the funds were instead used to replace the firewall. A savings of $7,000 was realized by using “cloud” storage.
      2. Countywide Services / Member Libraries
        1. DLC, TBL reports included in Agenda Packet
        2. All departments are running smoothly
        3. Career Online High School (COHS) update
        4. Program is going very well, and scholarships are expected to be allocated by December 22. After some discussion, it was decided to hold 20 scholarships for Pinellas County residents.
      3. Executive Director Activities – Since June Board Meeting
        1. 7.1.22 – PPLC began COHS administration with $221,000 ARPA Grant
        2. 7.8.22 – Suncoast Environmental Testing – TBL Atrium has no mold, but is slated for a “facelift”
        3. 7.8.22 – PPLC Staff cleaned bins – power washer borrowed from the SHPL tool library
        4. 7.11.22 – Staycation/work combo
        5. 8.25.22 – Broken window incident reported to Police
        6. Upcoming 9.9.22 Florida Library Directors – online meeting
        7. 9.22.22 BCC selection of 2 PPLC Board Members (Community)
        8. 9.23.22 TBLC Annual Meeting
  7. Old Business:
    1. Board Meeting Schedule FY ‘23
      Board reviewed the draft FY 23 meeting schedule. There was discussion about deleting the October meeting -reducing the schedule to 8 meetings.
      The Board unanimously approved Meeting Schedule for FY ’23 (Lowack/Moore).
    2. FY ’23 Staff increments/COLA in response to inflation
      Morales requested a 3% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for all staff effective October 1, 2022. Morales also requested the additional performance-based adjustment cap to be changed from 3% to a maximum of 5%.
      The Board reviewed information, discussed recent trends, and voted unanimously on both proposed increments (Schubert/Lowack).
    3. ILS Policy – Final Draft
      The final draft of the PPLC ILS Policy was presented to the Board. The PPLC ILSPolicy is for library staff to follow standards with cataloging, add correct data in patron records, login, and passwords. Harrison and Stoner were available for questions and discussion. The ILS Policy was unanimously approved with an effective date of 10.1.22 (Lowack/Faimalie).
    4. Interlocal Agreement (ILA) Revisions – continued discussion of proposed changes
      Tabled for future meetings when topics arise.
  8. New Business:
    1. Community Board vacancies
      5 people have applied for the 2 vacancies, including the 2 current Board members. TheBoard of County Commissioners plan to review applications on 9.22.22.
  9. LDAC Report – Betcinda Kettels
    Minutes of LDAC Meetings in June and August 2022 were reviewed, including:
    1. eContent contribution calculations.
    2. Processing fee changed to $6.00 for items in need of replacement due to loss or damagebeyond repair.
    3. A merger of Overdrive and Kanopy.
    4. Board Composition – Board recommends that interested parties attend Board meetingsinstead of changing the ILA.
    5. Lorie Tonti from Seminole will be the LDAC Liaison beginning 10.1.22.
  10. Announcements/Miscellaneous: None
  11. Public Comments: None
  12. Adjournment: Roth adjourned the meeting at 5:02 pm.

The next regular board meeting: Wednesday, September 28, 2022, at PPLC @ 3:30 pm.
Submitted by Martha Frenchek, Office Assistant
Henry Schubert, Secretary