Board Meeting Minutes April 2022

LDAC Member Attendance:


  • Karen Roth, Chairman
  • Michael Jefferis, Vice Chairman
  • Henry Schubert, Secretary & Treasurer
  • Lynne Faimalie
  • Brian Lowack
  • Chris Moore
  • Angela Pietras
  • Cheryl Morales, Executive Director
  • Martha Frenchek, Recording Secretary
  • Lisa Kothe, LDAC Liaison

Not Attending:

  • Michael Delk
  • Jeffrey P. Gellermann
  1. Call to Order:
    Karen Roth Chairman called the Board Meeting to order at 3:31pm.
  2. Roll Call:
    Martha Frenchek conducted the Roll Call.
    Present: Karen Roth, Michael Jefferis, Henry Schubert, Lynne Faimalie, Brian Lowack, ChrisMoore, Angela Pietras, Lisa Kothe and Cheryl Morales. A quorum was represented.
    Absent: Michael Delk, Jeffrey Gellermann

    Gonzalez commented there are a few things required to communicate to the Board.

    1. All the County Polices are listed in Note 1 on the Financial Statement page.
    2. No new County Polices.
    3. No difficulties performing the Audit and no disagreement with management.
    4. Gonzalez stated Cheryl and Abby are wonderful to work with.
    5. Gonzalez and Heinold commented the Financial Statements received from Raymond James are not clear and the transfer funds were incorrectly reported.


  3. Minutes from March 30, 2022, Board Meeting were accepted as presented. (Lowack/Jefferis).