Board of Directors Official Minutes June 29, 2022

LDAC Member Attendance:


  • Karen Roth, Chairman
  • Michael Jefferis, Vice Chairman
  • Michael Delk
  • Jeffrey P. Gellermann
  • Chris Moore
  • Angela Pietras
  • Cheryl Morales, Executive Director
  • Martha Frenchek, Recording Secretary
  • Betcinda Kettells, LDAC Liaison

Not Attending:

  • Henry Schubert, Secretary & Treasurer
  • Lynne Faimalie
  • Brian Lowack
  1. Call to Order: Karen Roth Chairman called the Board Meeting to order at 3:39 pm.
  2. Roll Call: Martha Frenchek conducted the Roll Call.
    1. Present: Karen Roth, Michael Jefferis (via Conference Call), Michael Delk, Jeffrey Gellermann, Chris Moore (via Conference Call), Angela Pietras (via Conference Call) and Cheryl Morales. A quorum was represented.
    2. Absent: Henry Schubert, Lynne Faimalie, Brian Lowack
  3. Minutes from April 27, 2022, Board Meeting were accepted as presented. (Gellermann/Jefferis).
  4. Monthly Financial Committee Report – Board Chair, Karen Roth
    1. Level 4 – Paul Sterzinger, Financial Advisor
    2. Level Four Management Report: April/May 2022
    3. PDR Account Accounting Financial Report: April/May 2022
    4. The Finance Committee discussed monthly financial reports they would like to receive Paul Sterzinger from Level 4. Roth commented that the finances were on course.
  5. Correspondence: None
  6. Executive Director’s Report – Cheryl Morales
    1. Building / Admin.
      1. Collaborating with the mid-county Assistant to the County Administrator and Pinellas Park Library staff to create a branch library (pickup/drop-off location) at the Lealman Exchange (LEX). Pinellas Park library staff will train the LEX staff. The beginning of September is the target start date. Moore expressed excitement about bringing library services to the Lealman community.
    2. Countywide Services / Member Libraries
      1. DLC, TBL reports included in Agenda Packet
      2. Countywide Services Manager is visiting Member Libraries and meeting with vendors
      3. Career Online High School (COHS) is now under PPLC administration with $221,000 in ARPA grant funds.
      4. 5.18.22 – National Library Service for the Blind named the Pinellas TBL Subregional Library of the year
    3. Executive Director Activities – Since March Board Meeting
      1. Courier contract migration was rocky during the first month but is improving. PPLC staff created a ticket system to report all issues, which can be seen and commented on by PPLC staff, Member Library staff, and Courier staff.
      2. 5.5 Statewide delivery meeting with RBLC Executive Director
      3. 5.9 Met with new OMB Director, PPLC’s new Budget Analyst, and Brian Lowack. Topic: PPLC history and budget planning
      4. 5.11 Met with Gulf Beaches Public Library Board Chair to fill Director vacancy
      5. 6.2 BOCC Annual Budget Presentation
      6. 6.5 Official Launch for Summer 2022 Reading with the Rays @ Tropicana (vs. White Sox)
      7. 6.22-24 COHS planning meetings with DLIS Director
    4. Upcoming
      1. 7.11-7.22 Staycation/work combo – as needed
      2. 7.26 COHS statewide online training
      3. 10.5-10.9 Joint Conference of Librarians of Color will be held in St. Pete Beach at the Tradewinds. PPLC will have an exhibit table to Welcome Librarians to Pinellas County
      4. Adding Florida Craft Art to the Museum partnership
  7. Old Business:
    1. ILA revisions – continued discussion
      1. Countywide Staff Development Day – LDAC voted to have Countywide Staff Development Day changed from annual to biennial. Will be held in Oct. 2023 -location TBD.
      2. Funding Formula – 10% circulation-based (change proposal). Proposal to change funding formula. Pending further discussion
      3. Board composition Palm Harbor Public Library, East Lake Public Library, St. Pete Beach Public Library requested to change the Board composition. The Directors would like better representation. For further discussion.
  8. New Business:
    1. NLS Sub-Regional Library of the Year Award. TBL was awarded $1,000 which will go to Restricted Investment Account or donations
    2. Agnes Capeto Trust $30,000. TBL patron the Trust will roll into the Restricted Investment Account
    3. FY’23 Budget/COLA in response to inflation. Discussion on salary increase to staff based on performance. Comparative figures will be presented at the August meeting.
    4. DRAFT ILS Policy. Draft PPLC ILS Policy was discussed. Will present the draft ILS Policy to LDAC for feedbackbefore presenting to the Board for final approval.
  9. LDAC Report – Betcinda Kettels Minutes of LDAC Meeting, April 11, 2022 were reviewed
    1. Other LDAC topics:
      1. Ad-Hoc Committee for E-Resource – each library will budget 10% to their total collection
      2. Further discussion on Board Composition -Kettels represented Palm Harbor, East Lake, and St. Pete Beach Public Library’s sentiments about representation. Board members reminded Kettels that PPLC Board meeting attendance is possible via conference phone upon request -due to covid precautions (Board of Directors | PPLC).
  10. Announcements/Miscellaneous: None
  11. Public Comments: None
  12. Adjournment: Roth adjourned the meeting at 5:20 pm. 

The next regular board meeting: Wednesday, August 31, 2022, at PPLC @ 3:30 pm. 

(No Meeting in July) 

Submitted by Martha Frenchek, Office Assistant