August 8, 2022 – Library Directors Advisory Council

LDAC Member Attendance:


  • Jen Obermaier, Clearwater
  • Olivia Wilson, Dunedin (Proxy)
  • Stanley Silverstein, Gulf Beaches, (Acting Director)
  • Casey McPhee, Largo
  • Susan Hurley, Oldsmar
  • Dave McMurrin, Pinellas Park
  • Lisa Kothe, Safety Harbor 
  • Betcinda Kettells, St. Pete Beach (Chair)
  • Mika Nelson, St. Petersburg
  • Lorie Tonti, Seminole
  • Cari Rupkalvis, Tarpon Springs

Not attending:

  • Lois Eannel, East Lake
  • Dave Mather, Gulfport
  • Gene Coppola, Palm Harbor

PPLC Staff Attendance:

  • Cheryl Morales, PPLC Executive Director
  • David Stoner, PPLC Technology Coordinator
  • Gary Earl, PPLC Countywide Services Coordinator
  • Whitney Harrison, PPLC Data Integrity Manager

      Betcinda called the meeting to order at 1:01pm

      1. Roll Call –Casey joined in after roll call. Lois Eannel, Dave Mather and Gene Coppola were absent.
      2. Acceptance of June 2022 Minutes – Dave McMurrin made a motion to accept. Lisa seconded.
      3. SIG Reports
        1. E Content SIG – Next meeting is August 18 @ 2pm. Jen can’t make it, but Cheryl will take notes and report back to LDAC.
        2. YS SIG – Next meeting is scheduled for September 9 @ 9am.
        3. CAT SIG – Susan –Next meeting is scheduled for August 17 @ 2:30pm.
        4. CIRC SIG – Lisa – Nothing to report from June meeting. Next meeting September 22.
        5. ADULT SIG – Casey – next meeting is scheduled for July.
      4. Old Business
        1. Ad-Hoc committee for e-Resource Assessment –Assessment/Final review of Expenditure Spreadsheet was distributed on June 21. Gary will send out the final form to individual branches – please complete and return the form by August 30. The OverDrive magazines charge was always separate from the OverDrive materials fee. In the past, PPLC paid the RB Digital platform fee of $30,000, and the branches paid the $12,000 in RB Digital magazine fees. Now OverDrive is charging a flat $30,000 for the magazines (no additional platform fee) and no additional platform fee, so PPLC will pay the $30,000 total for eMags. That’s why the column was highlighted, so it can be deleted from the spreadsheet. Branches will be invoiced 10% of their collection budget based on FY 2021 numbers. Next year the percentage will go up. Thanks go out to the ad-hoc committee.
        2. FedEx Fees – Stanley asked about this because Gulf Beaches use OCLC asked how we would be charged if we do not participate in FLIN. Cheryl said if you’re using OCLC, for anything out of this county or state, each library pays for it. In state, if you’re a member of FLIN, the State library picked up 100% of the tab. For FY2023, the state is only going to pick up 2/3 of FL packages, so we will need to add funding for ILL shipping in our budget. If using OCLC, we will still be responsible to pay for all out of state ILLs shipping. Stanley asked for the info to join FLIN – Cheryl will send him Cathy Moloney’s e-mail info, since she oversees FLIN.
      5. New Business
        1. Circulation of New Materials (Betcinda) – Betcinda asked about the ratio we’re ordering for holds. Lorie said she believes it’s 1:4 for print and 1:8 for DVDs. Betcinda discussed how St. Pete Beach would like to keep new materials at their home library and not circulate them, rather than send them out to other branches on holds. Currently Largo has a collection like this for the Bookmobile since it would be too hard to send those out, and their Lucky Day Collection. Palm Harbor and East Lake have collections for their vending machines. Cheryl said Betcinda could work with David Stoner about this collection. There was some discussion about high demand books being used to fill holds at other libraries.
        2. Review of LDAC Board and SIG representatives for FY23, beginning October 1:
          1. LDAC Board:
            1. Betcinda made a motion Lorie to be Chair. Olivia seconded.
            2. Betcinda made a motion for Lisa to continue as Vice-Chair. Jen seconded.
            3. Betcinda made a motion for David McMurrin to be Secretary. Casey seconded.
          2. SIG Meetings:
            1. E Content – Jen would like to continue.
            2. YS SIG – If Lorie is going to be Chair, she’d like to give up YS SIG. A suggestion was made for Lois to take over.
            3. CAT SIG – Susan would like to continue.
            4. CIRC – Lisa would like to give it up. Mika volunteered to take over.
            5. Adult SIG – Casey would like to keep.
            6. Betcinda made a motion to accept all of these recommendations. Dave McMurrin seconded.
        3. Unincorporated Pinellas County Funding – Cheryl has not been able to send out the budget amounts to expect quite yet because there are new County staff working on the budget. She does not have any preliminary figures yet, but says for a fact that we will receive more money next year than this current year. She’ll send us an e-mail with the preliminary figures as soon as she has the info. Cheryl will set up a meeting with Dave McMurrin and Stanley to go over details since it’s their first year with budget.
        4. Print Magazine Subscriptions – Gulf Beaches has been cancelling print magazine subscriptions if they are available online. Stanley said many of their older patrons do not want to use the online version and asked if branches were ordering print magazine subscriptions, or if we dropped the print subscriptions if they are available online. Seminole and Clearwater both confirmed that they still order print subscriptions.
      6. PPLC Topics
        1. COHS Update – Gary – PPLC has been doing COHS for the state for 2 months. Out of 200 scholarships that PPLC was allocated, we’ve already awarded 83 of them.
        2. Database/License/eContent Renewals FY’23 – Send the individual Library spreadsheets to Gary and Cheryl by August 30. Cari asked about PPLC-wide Kanopy and cloudLibrary, but Cheryl said it would be too difficult, so for it to stay with individual libraries. Betcinda just started Morningstar Database. She said it’s very expensive individually, but she received a price quote for the Cooperative, so she’ll send to Cheryl.
        3. New Museum Pass Partners – Three new partners are coming onboard soon: St. Pete Museum of History, FL Craft Art Museum and Safety Harbor Museum.
        4. Reading with the Rays – Deadline reminder: technically program runs until September 23 because it’s the last day Rays will accept the vouchers, but we can finish early if we would like. Just make sure to count up prizes for each base you have left and send Gary the numbers. We can keep the prizes.
      7. PPLC Board Meeting – LDAC Chair Report

        Not much to report. Betcinda did ask about representation on the Board for the smaller libraries, perhaps on a rotating basis. They said they do not want to change the make-up of the Board, but the meetings are open so they encourage everyone to attend. Cheryl did say there is a 14-person meeting room limit, but could provide dial-in info for those who would like to listen in.

      8. Public Comment – None

      9. Announcements from PPLC Libraries – Safety Harbor got their book bike! Safety Harbor also applied for, and was accepted to be a Human Library location via the Denmark Umbrella. St. Pete Beach – almost fully staffed – new person coming on board. Clearwater, grand opening of Niki Butcher’s photography exhibit, which will be up until end of December. Seminole Library got their new carpet and have resumed full services.

      10. Adjournment – 2:45pm

      Next LDAC Meeting: Monday, September 12 at 1pm.

      Respectfully submitted,

      Lorie Tonti, LDAC Secretary