Board Meeting Minutes November 2022

LDAC Member Attendance:


  • Jen Obermaier, Clearwater ☒ Lisa Kothe, Safety Harbor
  • Phyllis Gorshe, Dunedin ☒ Betcinda Kettells, St. Pete Beach
  • Lois Eannel, East Lake ☒ Mika Nelson, St. Petersburg
  • Lorie Tonti, Seminole (Chair)
  • Cari Rupkalvis, Tarpon Springs
  • Dave Mather, Gulfport
  •  Casey McPhee, Largo PPLC
  • Susan Hurley, Oldsmar
  • Gene Coppola, Palm Harbor
  • Dave McMurrin, Pinellas Park

Staff Attendance:

  • Cheryl Morales, PPLC Executive Director
  • David Stoner, PPLC Technology Coordinator
  • Gary Earl, PPLC Countywide Services Coordinator
  • Whitney Harrison, PPLC Data Integrity Manager

Not Attending

Stanley Silverstein, Gulf Beaches,

  1. Roll Call NOTE: Some members left during the meeting due to sound difficulties.
  2. Acceptance of September 2022 Minutes – Lisa made a motion to accept. Phyllis seconded.
  3. SIG Reports
    1. E Content SIG – Jen – The SIG held elections. Amelia Zimmerman continues as chair.
    2. YS SIG – Lois – There were four members in attendance. They had a guest speaker who spoke about Music Therapy. Lois has the contact information. Next meeting is December 9th.
    3. CAT SIG – Susan – SIG will meet Wednesday November 16th.
    4. CIRC SIG – Lisa – The SIG met on September 22nd. Next meeting is Thursday, December 15th.
    5. ADULT SIG – Casey – There was a low turnout so they tabled Officers and Chair elections. They will look for candidates for officers for next meeting. Gary mentioned COHS scholarships are running low at the meeting. Open discussion about programs and OPTOCON. Next meeting is January 16th.
  4. Old Business
  5. New Business
    1. Libby/OverDrive Hold Limits – Phyllis – There was a discussion about raising the hold limit for patrons from 5 to 7. Phyllis moved we increase the holds limit to 7. Lisa seconded. The motion passed with Dave Mather as a Nay. We will increase the patron hold limit to 7 beginning December 1st.
    2. Museum Pass Program Policy – Susan – discussion of a concern for museum passes for museums that contain controversial content. Discussion of possible creating a criteria as we have for collection development. Gary will post a disclaimer the website.
  6. PPLC Topics
    1. Career Online High School – The State was using some of our scholarships. We have about 10 now. There are currently 40 in the 30-day window 15-20 scholarships window. Some concerns expressed about the success of non-English speakers. Later Casey mentioned a donor that works directly with Largo Library.
    2. JCLC – Has been moved to February. If there is swag libraries wish to add send it to PPLC in the courier. If library staff wish to help man the table let Cheryl know. Dates are Thursday and Friday February 9th and 10th.(?)
    3. Annual Report Stats Gary just wanted to offer any help and stats are due by the end of the week on the 18th. Preliminary expense report, budget and statistics are due on the 18th. Discussion of how stats for databases are kept. Hoopla is being treated as circulation and not a database. Send Gary the stats and he’ll help sort it.
    4. New SIG Request – Request for an LGBTQ SIG. Pinellas park has organized a group and it has done a lot of discussing how libraries are serving this community, how we can create partnerships and collaborate for programs. Discussion of the LGBTQ population and the difficulties they face. There was a lot of energy, nine in person and six online. Discussion of making it part of the Youth/Teen SIG, perhaps to alleviate scheduling concerns, possibly making it an agenda item. Discussion of having more success with a focused meeting. The staff involved are motivated. Their next meeting has been set for December 9th and January 11th. Rainbow room code of conduct distributed as a sample of what could be done to create a safe space. Discussion of how it matches existing library policy. Lois will discuss these options with the group. LDAC would like to also see a proposal.
  7. PPLC Board Meeting – LDAC Chair Report Budget will go to the board and the library directors. There were two vacancies due to renewal and five applications were received. The two members who previously served were retained. These volunteer positions are the only ones that have renewals. Discussion of membership and makeup of the Board, and adding a North County representative for unincorporated areas.
  8. LDAC Meetings moving forward. Discussion of how LDAC will meet in the future. Zoom, in person, or hybrid options were discussed. Sound issues were brought up as an issue for hybrid meetings. Travel time is an issue for in person meeting. There is value in getting together. Perhaps one in person a year. Alternate hybrid and Zoom meetings with some work to address the sound issues and maybe put the group closer together.
  9. Public Comment
  10. Announcements from PPLC Libraries
    East Lake – “Wine not?” fund raiser was super successful. Tickets sold out 3 weeks before. They will do it again next year. Wine was donates by staff and volunteers. Working on long range plan.
    Tarpon Springs – Recently added Kanopy and a coding database called Fiero code. Just had their 25th anniversary party and photography contest.
    St. Petersburg – Youth and family oriented services are partnership building to be more impactful to the community. Rebooting some pre-COVID programming.
    Largo – Now having programs in the donor-supported butterfly garden. Need to get a little more shade so they can have more programs. Strategic plan sent out. So many ideas and so little staff. More applicants with improved salaries. “Largo turns a page” community read in March with Madeline Martin.
    Gulfport – Winding down Humanities Council grant and just received a new one. Book fair but read out for LGBTQ community hybrid and in person. Request for ideas for $30,000 for large print tablets from a city grant. Maybe some companies that do something like that for checkout.
    Oldsmar – added database for homeschoolers which has worksheets form Pre-K to 6th. Fully staffed by the end of the month. Working on some building issues that have been slowed down by supply chain issues.
    Safety Harbor – celebrated Story Walk Week, added a craft at the end to help with getting a count. February 4th is Links for our Library Mini Golf Pub crawl.
    Dunedin – Kellogg Mansion virtual experience exhibit happening now. Must register for that. Planning an author visit Kristen Harmel (Book of Lost Names) in April for Library Week. Library speaker’s consortium has been really great, virtual two or three times a month and has been a wonderful asset. Finalizing Senior Librarian Youth Services position. Much building stuff next year, also some storm damage last week. Building is 25 years old.
    Seminole – New sewing machine donated, now have 8 for our sewing classes. SPC is doing a solar system walk right outside the library. Silent Auction for Friends Week in October earned $2,000 and Friends just had a book sale. Participated in the City of Seminole Strategic Plan process.
    Pinellas Park – About to fill Senior Librarian for Adult Services. Staff worked on the long range plan during Staff Development day and we’re implementing the team breakouts now. Staff leaders are getting a chance to show leadership in these teams.
    Clearwater – Added Washington post and Florida newspapers and national Black newspapers. Still filling vacancies, including part time positions. Had Linda Bruno come for Staff development day and hired a game company to come facilitate for staff. Generous donation last week from a recently deceased patron for 1 million dollars.
  11. Adjournment