Minutes Library Directors Advisory Council Monthly Meeting April 11, 2022

LDAC Member Attendance:


  • Jen Obermaier, Clearwater
  • Phyllis Gorshe, Dunedin
  • Lois Eannel, East Lake
  • Dave Mather, Gulfport
  • Casey McPhee, Largo
  • Susan Hurley, Oldsmar
  • Dave McMurrin, Pinellas Park
  • Lisa Kothe, Safety Harbor (served as Acting Chair in Betcinda’s absence)
  • Mika Nelson, St. Petersburg
  • Lorie Tonti, Seminole
  • Cari Rupkalvis, Tarpon Springs

Not attending:

  • Vince Gadrix, Gulf Beaches
  • Gene Coppola, Palm Harbor
  • Betcinda Kettells, St. Pete Beach (Chair)

PPLC Staff Attendance:

  • Cheryl Morales, PPLC Executive Director
  • David Stoner, PPLC Technology Coordinator
  • Gary Earl, PPLC Countywide Services Coordinator

Not Attending:

  • Whitney Harrison, PPLC Data Integrity Manager

Lisa called the meeting to order at 1:02pm

  1. Roll Call – Vince, Gene and Betcinda were absent.
  2. Acceptance of March 2022 Minutes – Mika made a motion to accept. Lois seconded.
  3. SIG Reports
    1. E Content SIG – Next meeting is 5.19
    2. YS SIG – Lois – Children’s – Lois –Speaker from bestkidsbooks.com; Representative from PCS H.E.A.T. Program that discussed homeless student rights; roundtable discussed prep for summer programs; there has been an increase in attendance of programs; the staff attendance was very disappointing with only 5-6 libraries represented, with 3 of them being Clearwater branches; it’s important for the directors to ensure someone from YS is attending these meetings – impress on staff members to send at least 1 representative from each library
    3. CAT SIG – Susan – next meeting is in May
    4. CIRC SIG – Lisa – next meeting is in May
    5. ADULT SIG – Casey – next meeting is Wednesday, 4.13
  4. Old Business
    1. Ad-Hoc committee for e-Resource Assessment – The Committee looked at other pricing options and are suggesting 10% of each library’s total collection budget to be invoiced by PPLC as with other shared PPLC resources. Libraries are welcome to continue to give over 10%. The committee is hoping this will result in a more robust collection, rather than simply basing orders on holds ratios. Gary has spreadsheets to share what it will look like for each library, according to the data we all submit with the Annual Statistical Report. There was discussion of the committee creating a form where libraries can consider exceptions such as Largo not including Bookmobile collection budget, databases that are paid for out of the  collection budget in which individual circs are not counted, or libraries that would like processing costs taken into consideration, etc. Each library will fill out this form and submit to PPLC to be invoiced for 10% of their adjusted collection budget. Lois made a motion for the committee to create a form in which all libraries can determine their adjusted collection budget amounts, and then have PPLC invoice each library for 10% of their reported adjusted collection budgets. Mika seconded and the motion was passed. The committee will present a draft of the form by the next meeting.
  5. New Business
    1. Processing price increase (Lois) – The $5 processing fee has not been changed in many years, while processing prices have increased. Lois made the recommendation to increase the fee to $8 to offset materials cost, and individual libraries would be able to waive or lower the fee at their discretion. Lois made a motion that effective May 1 the processing fee for lost and damaged items will increase from $5 to $8. Jen seconded and the motion passed. David will contact Sirsi to change it, but we should let staff know this will be effective. The Circulation policy will have to be revised.
  6. PPLC Topics
    1. Circulation policy revisions and proposed changes – Cheryl was delayed getting it out on Friday because of PPLC flooding, so she’ll send it out separately.
    2. Courier update – Six libraries reported water-damaged items on Friday 4.8 from Thursday’s rain. According to the contract, Expack is responsible for up to $100 per item. Please remind staff not to overstuff bins because water damage may occur if the lids won’t close. It was agreed that the receiving library should report any damaged items, even if they are not the owning agency. Cheryl sent out a Reimbursement Request Form library staff should use to report damaged items received, and she will then compile the entire list and send out a copy to the owning libraries. Cheryl will add a column for “Owning Library” so that receiving libraries can easily report items received damaged that are owned by other libraries.
  7. PPLC Board Meeting – LDAC Chair Report. Lisa gave a report based on Betcinda’s notes: When the courier changed over, PPLC received 200 empty bins; there was discussion of PPLC’s website for accessibility; the PPLC Library Interlocal agreement expires on Sept 30, 2023, so this our time to submit changes before it’s renewed, so Betcidna will add to the agenda for the June meeting to discuss; possible other changes include the Board meeting frequency from six times a year to quarterly; DEI Policy was approved by PPLC Board.
  8. Public Comment – None
  9. Announcements from PPLC Libraries – East Lake – passport services are going great, March Women’s History month programs were very successful; St. Pete – Admin & Borrower Services have moved into a rental warehouse, but all materials are still available, demolition of the Obama Library will begin in May, programs going well; Pinellas Park – hired Amelia Zimmerman as Sr. Librarian for YS, so now her former Librarian position is open; Seminole – had a successful Carter Family Music program for Women’s History Month and DunnDee Farms held a Mini Farm event that 150 people attended; Dunedin – currently have two openings, Lib Aide & Lib Asst; the FLA Conference is coming up and will be held virtually and in-person, with over 300 people already registered for in-person; Clearwater – Successful Comic Con last month. Program participation has been increasing; Gulfport – doors are open, lights on; Oldsmar – hours changed on 4.1 to make allow for staff to only have to work one night every other week instead of every week since sometimes only one patron would come in during their slower nights; Tarpon Springs – new sustainability coordinator at Tarpon, so they are doing some activities in April for Earth Day, and Peace Flags are being displayed at the library; Largo – butterfly garden has been a great project working with a donor who gave $50,000 – the garden will be maintained with a perpetual fund, people are excited about it – ribbon cutting on Thursday; Safety Harbor – opened sensory calming corner in children’s area and the creator of Story Walk, Ann Ferguson, visited Safety Harbor and took photo in front of their Story Walk which is changed out every month.
  10. Adjournment – 1:59pm

No Meeting in May – Next LDAC Meeting: Monday, June 13 at 1pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Lorie Tonti, LDAC Secretary